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HELP !!  & Links

GL1200 & Before

A 1200 Forum

Carb shims for 1200 by Don Seitz

1200 Radiator Cap NAPA # 703-2445 or Stant # 10227

GM Alternator for GL1200 by Donald (Poorboy)Pigott

7 Volt Regulator Information

Radio Manuals
Honda Type I Radio Manual
Honda Type II Radio Manual
GL1200 Type III Radio Manual

Starter Rebuilding by Ken Chapin
1000-1100 PDF format
1200 PDF format
Picture of modification 1
Picture of modification 2




Fork Spring Tool by Keith Crowe
Photos of my tool with modified top piece.

1500 forks how to page by John Bellemare
Can't find the fork drain bolt on your 1500?

1500 Antifreeze smell

GL1500 Headlight Adjustment 88 - 97 by Tommy Crenshaw from Dave DeWinter

1500 Radiator Cap Stant # 11233

Switching light configurations by "Doc" Willey

Getting into your locked 1500 trunk by Bill Thomas and Don Wiggins
How to avoid it by Rocky Demers

 Cruise Control > 80 for 93-2000

1500 Driven Flange (PDF)HERE

Make your own earlier 1500 vent covers HERE

Quick Jacks by Keith Crowe

Air Horns in front HERE

Light bulbs for GL1500 radio SE & Asp

Handle Bar Lights
Posted by:
John Cherwinsk
Thursday, March 16, 2006
11:15 am  

If you have to replace the lights in your controls on the handle bars a cheap fix is go to Radio Shack or Source store and buy the Bi-Pin Lamp number 2721154. it is 12volt can cut the old bulb off and solder this one on. Radio Shack link to bulb

Modifying 98-2000 headlight for H4 bulbs HERE From: GRoebkejr

You can do this but I found it a better choice to buy the bulb shims made by Electrical Connection.

GL1500 filters in those hard to get at places
Cruise Filter        36532-MN5-005
Sub Filter           17253-KT8-000

 1500 Alternator Info by Dick Taylor

Changing Alternator Brushes

1500 CB
Clarion CB Service Manual from Karry Lattig PDF Format
Clarion CB Circuit Diagram
Clarion CB Exploded Parts List
Clarion CB Printed Wiring Board


Compufire Alternator Delco CS-121
It is a CS121, and all internal parts are identical to a CS130. Therefore, a rebuild kit for a CS130 will suffice, except you need to order a new seal from Compufire, as that is different due to their redesigned endframe to connect it to a Wing. per Philip Jungels
The front seal is a Chicago Rawhide, part number 9878, per Randy Pippin.
NAPA fuse for Compufire alternator

Brian Johnston's Passenger Controller

Low Fuel Sensor (thermistor), part number 37810-MN5-008



GL1800 CB Service Manual from Karry Lattig PDF Format
' Block Diagram ' ' Description ' ' Schematics ' ' Test '

Photos: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 Make your own headsetsHERE

GL1800 recall information:
All years will need inspection and a new VIN range recall for '03 and '04 models will need re-welded.  This will all be official at Honda dealers starting Feb. 7th. 2005. 

The text of the recall is: ALL 2001 through 2004 GL1800 motorcycles will be recalled that were manufactured between October 1st of 2000 and Sept 20th of 2003 (with the exception of the ones that were previously recalled and rewelded) The bikes that fall into the VIN range posted below will get rewelded. The rest of the bikes (All 2001 & 2002's not previously rewelded) will be inspected and a weld gauge will be placed over the welds. If the welds fail the weld gauge inspection, the bike will be rewelded. This recall does NOT pertain to bikes that have been Triked. On Sept 21st, of 2003 Honda began using a whole new welding process. Prior to that time they had used a variety of welding processes. All bikes welded prior to Sept 21st 2003 are suspect and must be inspected. 

The VIN range for bikes that get rewelded regardless of inspection criteria are: 

2003 Model: 
Non ABS Model From VIN: 1HFSC470*3A204861 Thru VIN: 1HFSC470*3A212217 
ABS Model: From VIN: 1HFSC474*3A201127 Thru VIN: 1HFSC474*3A203256 

2004 Model: 
Non ABS Model: From VIN : 1HFSC470*4A300001 Thru VIN: 1HFSC470*4A301683 
ABS Model: From VIN : 1HFSC474*4A300001 Thru VIN: 1HFSC474*4A300334

For more information go to


All the GL1800 remotes are the same. Just match the FCC# which is E4EG8DJ

Early CRV's and the S2000 Hondas use the same FCC code. - Reprogram

1800 CB Installation







Headset pin assignments HERE

Need Part Numbers?

GL1000/1100: Gates: T274  NAPA: 250274
GL1200:          Gates: T070  NAPA: 250070
GL1500:          Gates: T275  NAPA: 250275


by Fred Harmon  

Posted by: Albert Schuman

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
06:46 pm

Thanks again Tim / Phil. I found a way that works well!! First get rid of the extra big bracket like Tim did, the I chucked the center rod, then the " clamps on the three bars, I notice Tim gave up the protectors on those too. What I did was break the tire loose from the rim, then put the rotor side down on the flat surface of the three bars. I used three 13 1/8 inch Nylon Ty Rap, 120 lb. min test ties. I ran them thru the rotor holes and secured the tire to the unit that way. With the rim and tire well silicone lubed I started on the side away from me and inserted one 24 inch tire iron`s, I lifted the tire up on the bottom side and inserted the wood blocks Tim shows in his pictures, this is a KEY STEP. With the bottom of the tire being able to pull to the center of the rim it is easy to work the tire off the rim on the top side, relube put the irons in under the bottom side and pry the tire off. It surprised me how well it went, no rim scratches, I put a small piece of shop towel on the edge of the rim while prying to help with the scratching, it worked! For the new tire set it on top of the rim and work it on down. Al  

From Al on 7/30/08
I changed tactics on the use of the HF tire changer and the use of the heavy duty wire ties for the rim / changer. On a tough tire I sheared a tie so I hunted up three muffler type U bolts, I found a size that fit both over the changer bar and down through holes in the rotor. This prevents any shearing and did a fine job. Al

From Mark Jenkins: SAVE SOME MONEY

To change your own motorcycle tires, in addition to the tools for getting the wheels on/off your motorcycle, you’ll need four things:

  1. Harbor Freight item #34542-0VGA, Portable Tire Changer.
  2. Harbor Freight item #42927-6VGA, Motorcycle Tire Changer Attachment.
  3. One MojoLever.  You buy items #1 and #2 from Harbor Freight, and the MojoLever from me.
  4. A static wheel balancer.  I strongly recommend something from Marc Parnes.

Homemade Carb Sync Tool HERE from Joe Sweet

Cheap A/C HERE

Paint Codes & paint

Relay wiring HERE and HERE

Make your own cruise control HERE

Wheel bearing removal & tool by Ken Chapin HERE

Oil, Filter and Lubracation Information

Alternator Repair by Ken Heming

Bob Anderson's AUX plug or GL1200 84-85, GL1500 & LTD/SEi tech stuff pages
MORE INFORMATION on Bob's plan  by BJ Jones
You can also have it done by Sierra Electronics or Kennedy Technologies



Randy Pippin's web page Bike Bandit
Rex Holder (Private Eye's) "Got Chrome?" Motorcycle Info& Accessories
GoldWing Info HERE Elite-Wings, UK, (Derek W Cumbers & Ian G Cardwell).
Tom Rhoades' Vendor List
Tom Rhoades' Home page
Frits, a GoldWinger living in The Netherlands
RANDAKKS (1000 & 1100's) Venco Wings
Cool Vests at reasonable price Ronny Jacobsson's Gold Wing page
Motorcycle Parts Home Motorcycle Web Index
Links to WARM Stuff for COLD Riding (by Sarge) SAE International
Check out Ireland, Winging in Ireland and all kinds of information on Steve Saunder's site.  Jim Davis
Light bulbs for GL1500 radio SE & Asp  Gold Wing Club of Sweden
CycleCrafts seat rain covers and more Ricks Motor Sports Electrics (Stators and such)

Cycle Junkyards & Parts


Find Motorcycle Parts USA.
MotorSmart Resource Guide. Canada.


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